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Welcome To pCard

pCard is the product of Prasum Net technologies, We are helping your business to stand out in crowd With digital business card, Our main aim is to help all small or big entrepreneur and business to go digital for successful business.

Save Paper & Trees

Show your clients you are a modern, We are cares about saving trees and paper.

Share Unlimited

Send pCard – Digital Business Card through Whatsapp, Email, SMS and Other Social Medias.

Update & Trace in Real-Time

Take control and track the inquiries anytime. Update your information quickly even with the mobile.

Alway Stay Top of Mind

Your employees share – your clients save. Updates will reach your clients smartphones in seconds.

Make Your Digital Business Card Quickly

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pCard Features

Direct Whatsapp

You can whatsapp your pCard on any number without even saving your number!

Click To Call

Your Customers Can Reach You By Just Click On Call Icon On pCard.

Click To Navigate

Using pCard people can navigate to your store with google map.

Share Unlimited

Send your pCard by Whatsapp, Email, SMS and others Social Media.

Get Inquiries

You get inquiries or leads from your your customer through pCard

All Information on 1 Page

Customer can find your all information which you want to give.

Easy To Update

You get a Admin dashboard (Update your details as and when you want to change)

Fully Secure

This pCard is fully secured.

Step Up with pCard – Digital Business Card

The Digital business card is one of the best essential thing to building your business growth. The business card includes all the features to improve the business as well as the brand of the company in a unique way.

Pcard provides the digital business card is used to produce sales throughout the world, also it provides high level of business professionalism. If you use this business card, then the advocates gains more benefits because it used for various purposes. This Digital business card contains all your information. If you have digitally designed cards for your business then it gives the leading edge for professionals to manage the business entities.

Innovative Business Cards:

Business cards are cost-effective marketing products for business people to increase their popularity abundantly. With the help of a digital Business Card, you could easily share information about your company, your products or services. One of the best things is Business cards fit in your wallet and they could be easily accessible for potential clients. Innovative and user-friendly Business cards are available in many different quantity options. Amazingly different shapes and style options are available and are helpful for the business to increase the faster turnaround time.

A huge collection of paper stock options is. Business cards effectively attract the attention of your potential customers and bring them more confidence in hiring your products and services. When you like to widen your information about the company and its products, the smallest would be an effective tool so that the business card contains the information about the brands, logo, address and contact details. They are the formal and professional approach for exchanging information about the company and products instantly. Huge online business card printing companies are available but choosing the best among them would be quite useful for getting professional service. These cards are the complete marketing items that would represent your company’s taste and policies.

Marketing Business Card / Digital Visiting Card:

Pcard is leading company which create a digital business card for yourself or your company/organisation to take your business on total next level

People search the business products and services. Of course, you can find out the best Marketing backbone for a business in the most cost-effective way. There are possible to the sheet of paper that is used for making the disposable marketing and it acts as the best marketing practice that would reach random people anytime. Flyers are the most excellent marketing and advertising tool that gives you the business identity and position in the market. It is convenient to choose the amazing design and color scheme as per the need of the poster with paramount importance.

Pcard is the all-in-one Digital Business Card use to network quickly in a cost-effective ways.

Targeted Audience:

Business gets easier with appropriate marketing strategies so that it would be quite useful for gaining more profit abundantly. Small businesses face difficulties in promoting the business so that these business cards play an important role in reaching out to more clients. No matter what kind of business you are doing, staying online and offline might be a wonderful option. Promotional gifts such as handwritten messages or promotional pens would express gratitude but they could cost pennies and ensures customer loyalty. Of course, it is convenient for sending consumer postcards on several occasions regularly.

With the help of the visiting card, it is convenient to create intimacy with the consumer as well as getting a positive response is imminent.  You can find out the best professionals for creating the most attractive Digital visiting card helps draw immediate attention to consumers in an enticing way. Hire professional online visiting printing to ensure that designed by experienced professionals.